Critical brand promotion within the insurance industry comes from commercial advertising on televised sporting events. This is a market absolutely dominated by large insurance companies – especially the markets of professional and college football and basketball. This includes not only television commercials but also direct sponsorship of sporting events themselves, often linked with charitable events and organizations.


The branding concept that we have developed integrates perfectly into every aspect of sports advertising. 


The brand slogan is – “Because there’s no timeouts in life…”


Both football and basketball utilize the concept of a live-action timeout. In basketball, players may call timeout during actual play, when in difficulty or in order to regroup or discuss strategy, or simply just to stop the game clock in order to better preserve time. In football, the timeout may also be utilized while the clock is running, in a similar manner to basketball, however not during the actual course of play.

The overall concept is essentially that in real life one does not have the ability to simple freeze time in order to think or plan; to strategize about the next possible course of action. Unlike a basketball player trapped in the corner, or a football quarterback facing an imminent blitz; in real life, in moments of difficulty we cannot simply stop time to regroup or to avoid danger.  “Because there’s no timeouts in life”, unplanned and hazardous events often do occur and it is at times like these that we turn to insurer to provide relief and comfort;  to know that we truly are “in good hands” or that our “good neighbor” is by our side.



Through the utilization of real life circumstances, this idea integrates perfectly with the concept of the sport timeout. In addition to this, this branding concept also integrates directly into the televised sports broadcast itself via the commercial break. When a timeout is called, the network generally takes advantage of this moment to take a commercial break – a timeout in the game leading directly to a commercial utilizing the concept of the timeout as a marketing tool. In Pavlovian fashion, this loop will feed upon itself, with viewers eventually coming to expect the correlation of these two events – the act of the sports timeout alone will become fully associated with the brand.