Hunting accident –

A group of men wearing orange hunting vests climb out of vehicles, carrying rifles and beer.

They set up their gear in a clearing; drinking and waiting for an animal to appear.

A small moose/deer/bear appears.

They all drop their beer and take aim.

Just when they’re about to shoot, they hear a rustling noise coming from behind them.

They turn and there’s a mama moose/deer/bear standing right behind them, growling, snarling, and looking very threatening.

They panic, drop their guns; with a look of terror on their faces…the scene freezes.

Camera returns to smaller animal.

“Because there’s no timeouts in life; American Mutual Insurance.”

In background, men screaming and running through the woods.

Bull fighting accident –

A proud bullfighter enters the ring to massive applause.

Paintings or pictures of injured bulls with barbed sticks protruding are shown.

A bull enters the ring; the matador, with cape and sword, faces the bull.

The matador waves his cape and challenges the bull; the bull charges…olé, olé, olé…

The matador gestures to the crowd with confidence, and contempt toward the bull.

On one of the passes the bull suddenly rips away the cape and turns back toward the startled matador.

The crowd is silent.

The bull snarls and paws the ground, staring down the matador.

The matador freezes in terror (possibly with a gesture of prayer). The bull attacks…

“Because there’s no timeouts in life; American Mutual Insurance.”

In the background, sound of shock coming from the crowd.

Sky diving accident –

A man in a plane is preparing to sky dive.

The man jumps from plane with a parachute on his back; rapid descent with excitement in the air.

The man pulls rip cord – nothing...look of fear.

The man pulls the back-up rip cord – again nothing…terror.

Suddenly, time freezes.

Two other skydivers approach.

A mid-air pit-stop is performed; the old chute is removed, a new one installed.

Time unfreezes; the descent continues, the man pulls the rip cord, the parachute opens.

“Because there’s no timeouts in life; American Mutual Insurance.”

In background, the man descends gently to the ground.

Carjacking incident –

A smallish to average sized man and his girlfriend leave a restaurant and walk toward their car parked in an alley. Suddenly three large, threatening looking men appear.

The men shove the man against the car and ask for the car keys and their valuables.

Time freezes.

A baseball coach, while tapping his left arm, walks toward the victim.

The coach takes the keys from the man and hands them to his incoming replacement, a UFC fighter.

Time resumes, the UFC star throws one of the attackers over the car, a second down the alley, and then chases the third attacker down the alley toward the street.

“Because there’s no timeouts in life; American Mutual Insurance.”

Responsible drinking –

A man is sitting in bar with his friend; drinks a shot and gets up from the table.

The friend asks him if he feels okay to drive.

The man confidently says sure, grabs his keys off the table and heads for the door.

The man drives off.

Later, while driving home the friend sees a large multi-vehicle accident, with his injured friend being taken away by police.

Flash back to the earlier moment at table.

The man grabs his keys on the table; the friend puts his hand on top.

The friend says, “Can we take a moment to think about this?”

Time freezes – the man thinks of his family; hears his son or daughter, “are you sure that you’re okay to drive Dad?” He thinks about an accident and the damage that it will cause.

He gives the keys to his friend and thanks him.

American Mutual supports responsible drinking.

In the background, the friend is seen leaving, driving the man home.

Texting and driving –

A young adult is driving down a highway.

He hears a sound from his phone, receives a text message.

He picks up the phone; reads the text, laughs, then looks down at the phone and begins to type a response.

He then looks back up to see a sudden wall of traffic …fear on the young man’s face… time freezes

“Because there’s no timeouts in life, please don’t text and drive.”

Nascar –

Cars are participating in a NASCAR race.

Suddenly there is a large multi-car accident.

A driver is rapidly approaching the crash, unable to see due to the smoke.

Look of confusion, fear on his face…time freezes.

The voice of the spotter is overheard as he guides the driver safely through the wreckage.

“Because there’s no timeouts in NASCAR either; American Mutual Insurance.”

Toyota’s RAV4 Wolf Pack commercial - Wolf Pack Video

A man tames a pack of wolves and then takes them for a drive in his RAV4, “Let’s Go Places.”

Modification - While driving the wolves instead suddenly turn on the man.

Wolves, in car, growling and snarling – look of fear on the man’s face as he fumbles to open door.

“Because there’s no timeouts in life; American Mutual Insurance.”

In the background, the car is seen swerving all over the road.

Virginessee (the infamous gecko)  –

The gecko is standing on the border marker between Bristol, Virginia and Bristol, Tennessee - Virginessee Video  “Am I in Virginessee…hmmm… or am I in Tennaginia?”

Modification - Muscle car burning rubber on the Virginia/Tennessee border marker, with a touch of light green paint…


Politicians –

A politician is answering questions following a campaign speech – a hazardous question is asked.

The campaign manager dives across the stage trying to call a timeout while the politician gives a foolish and damaging answer.

The press is in shock; the cameras click – the politician stands, bewildered, frozen on the stage.

The campaign manager (or possibly the wife) walks toward the politician in a threatening manner.

“Because there’s no timeouts in life; American Mutual Insurance.”

In the background, the screaming politician runs from stage.

Car accident –

A woman is driving down a street; everything feels safe and calm.

An animal suddenly appears. The woman swerves to avoid the animal; the car goes out of control, hitting an object and flipping into the air.

At this moment time freezes – with the car upside down and in mid-air.

A well-dressed, professional looking man then walks over with a ladder, climbs the ladder, opens the door and helps the woman out of the car and down to the street.

They stand on the side of the road and watch as the car continues…

Ending with the slogan - “Because there’s no timeouts in life; American Mutual Insurance.”



Satirical look at popular ads -

The Aflac duck meets hunters.

A duck is seen with a foursome on a golf green - Duck Video

The duck then flies away; the golfers wave happily.

The duck looks down to see a lake with a duck blind – look of fear; the duck tries to stop in mid-air.

“Because there’s no timeouts in life; American Mutual Insurance.”

In the background is heard the sound of quacking and gunshots.

Gecko driving around in his little red sportscar - Gecko Sportscar Video

A truck suddenly appears heading straight for him. The gecko sadly calls timeout.

“Because there’s no timeouts in life; American Mutual Insurance”.

Gecko driving around in a parking lot. A pick-up truck backs up; sound of crunching metal.  “Because there’s no timeouts in life; American Mutual Insurance”.

In background, the pick-up drives away with music blaring - Bad to the Bone

Gender Equality –

A male boss is seen explaining to a female employee the reasons why women deserve to receive lower pay than their male counterparts.

This is overheard by female executive; male then shown packing up personal items from his office.

Or the same female employee gets promoted above the male boss; look of sheepishness and fear on the man’s face as he walks by his former female employee.

In life you often get only one chance to make a decision; make sure it’s the right one.

American Mutual supports Gender Equality / Equal Pay for Equal Work – Do the Right Thing.



Endless scenarios of people doing stupid or dangerous things without stopping to consider their actions:

Running with the Bulls

Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake

Men hitting on women in a bar, making ridiculous and embarrassing off-the-cuff comments, after which a large annoyed boyfriend or bouncer shows up.

“Because there’s no timeouts in life; American Mutual Insurance.”

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