We have developed a branding concept specifically designed for the insurance market. It is humorous, witty, clever, and absolutely transformational. It has the potential to take over the insurance industry’s lucrative sports event advertising market; having an absolutely natural home within the American televised football and basketball markets. The concept is also extremely suitable for baseball and hockey and is easily adaptable to almost any competitive environment, including chess, curling, or even politics.


This concept would take ownership of what is likely the most prominent word in all of American sports; the timeout. Brand identification would become so strong that sporting events themselves would provide free advertising and promotion through mere word association, providing constant reinforcement, further enhancing the power and strength of the brand.


The concept is extremely easy to identify with, and can be easily adapted to attract viewers from all markets. Although sports oriented, women would enjoy and identify with the concept as much as men, in some cases possibly more as it tends to take a satirical look at some of the more macho aspects of the male psyche.


Once the theme would become fully ingrained it is also perfectly suited to take on numerous important social issues such as responsible drinking, texting while driving, gender and racial equality, ethical treatment of animals, etc.; further enhancing the strength of the brand by demonstrating a strong sense of social responsibility.


The concept is extremely easy to visualize, and to consider the limitless ideas and possibilities that flow naturally from almost any real-life circumstance, while at the same time being fully associable with all of the common insurance products; such as life, health, auto, and home insurance.


We believe that this concept would be absolutely transformational for a medium or large insurance business looking to greatly expand its brand awareness and overall market share, and that in time it could surpass branding efforts of businesses like Geico, or even industry standards such as “You’re in good hands…”  or “Like a good neighbour…”  It is our belief that this concept truly is a “better mousetrap”, and that once introduced the idea will experience rapid exponential growth and awareness.